Milenia Biotec offers various lateral flow tests: for immun­odi­ag­nostic use, for the detection of spoiling germs in beer and juice and for research use.

The IVD systems help to carefully and rapidly diagnose various diseases. The results are the base  for a targeted thera­peutic approach. Therefore unnec­essary therapies or hospital admis­sions can be saved.

The detection of beer and juice spoiling germs is made easy with our tests. Here we follow the innov­ative approach designed for the research area: PCR and lateral flow combined.

In the research area, we offer innov­ative products for the fast detection of labeled amplicons and antibody appli­ca­tions.

Our tests are very simple to run and can be done at every location. For the calcu­lation of results only minimal equipment is required. The lateral flow technology, on which our  assays are based,  allows testing without any instru­men­tation!

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Loop mediated isothermal Amplification and Lateral Flow

Tips and Tricks for a successful Assay Devel­opment

Isothermal Ampli­fi­cation of Nucleic Acids — A Brief Intro­duction Isothermal ampli­fi­cation techniques have developed massively over the past decade. Point-​​of-​​Care (POC) appli­ca­tions in particular benefit from the advan­tages of these methods. As the name suggests, DNA synthesis takes place at constant temper­ature if isothermal ampli­fi­cation methods are applied. As a result, complex and expensive equipment such as thermal cyclers are not necessary for isothermal ampli­fi­cation reactions. A simple incubator, heating block, water bath, suit vide cooker, the armpit or the closed hand are suffi­cient to carry out the ampli­fi­cation reaction. read more…