Milenia HybriDetect Lateral Flow Assay Kit

Milenia HybriDetect – A Potential Tool in Diagnostic Kits – 3 Relevant Aspects

The test strips of the Milenia HybriDetect product group are easy-to-use universal lateral flow devices, that can be implemented in as a component in diagnostic kits. These dipsticks able to detect specifically labeled analytes and it is compatible with nucleic acid-, protein- or antibody-related analysis. This blog article tries to address three relevant aspects, that are associated with the Milenia HybriDetect platform. Why do we use dipsticks and is it possible to use Milenia HybriDetect in a cassette format? It also discusses the modular nature of these simple lateral flow test strips and why this can be the basis to adress diagnostic niche parameters. The last part of this blog post is about the Milenia HybriDetect as a component of diagnostic kits.

The Milenia HybriDetect is a tool that can accelerate and simplify the development of molecular, field-applicable rapid tests. This can influence the cost-benefit calculation for the development of a diagnostic assay significantly. Thus, the development of tests in diagnostic niches may make sense in some cases.

Milenia HybriDetect – A Modular, Cost Effective Solution for Molecular, Field-Applicable Rapid Testing

Before you read this blog post we would like to provide additional information, that supports the follwing text. If you’re interested, you are welcome to learn more about our universal Lateral Flow Development Platform Milenia HybriDetect.

What is HybriDetect and what can I do with it? 

Nucleic Acid Amplification and Lateral Flow

Further product informations for Milenia HybriDetect & Milenia HybriDetect 2T

Milenia HybriDetect - 50 Test Strips per Box

Using Dipsticks instead of Cassettes

One of the greatest tasks of our time is to understand and communicate that our generation has only borrowed this world. Environmental protection and sustainability must inevitably become the focus of our everyday lives. Modern diagnostics must also face up to this responsibility. In addition to the CO2 footprint, the reduction of the resulting plastic waste is at the center of this consideration.

Anyone who has ever worked in a “life science lab” will understand what I mean by “plastic battle”. To be able to guarantee safe, clean diagnostics, a certain throughput of single-use plastics is currently unavoidable. But let’s put LFIAs in the focus of this consideration: classic LFIAs are hidden in a plastic cassette. This has some advantages for the usability. It simplifies sample application, protects the sensitive parts of the device and thus helps to find test- and control lines. However, the use of this plastic housing requires more material, space and production effort. These rapid tests in cassette format must be packed individually, airtight in aluminum bags containing a desiccant sachet. Common packaging sizes of corresponding LFIA boxes include about 10 to 20 tests. The essential part of the analysis are test strips with a width of about 4 mm and a length of 6 cm. The packaging effort is enormous.

For this reason, we at Milenia Biotec rely on the use of dipsticks for our Milenia HybriDetect products. Therefore, we do not use plastic cassettes, in order to reduce the unnecessary plastic, production effort and additional packaging materials. Nevertheless, the strips are easy to handle, because a foil protects each strip exactly where the protection is needed. There are 50 dipsticks in a small box together with a drying agent. In this box, stability is guaranteed for at least 2 years. One kit contains 100 test strips and 2 x 10 mL lateral flow assay buffer. Our Milenia HybriDetect Assay Kit thus allows 100 analyses and requires less space and generates less waste than 10 lateral flow tests in cassette format.

Milenia HybriDetect 2T used as Dipstick in a 96-well plate can be implemented into a diagnostic kit
Milenia HybriDetect 2T used as Dipstick in a 96-well plate

The dipsticks do have their name for a reason. They are ideal for dipping and, thanks to their dimensions, fit into standard reaction tubes – incl. PCR tubes, 1.5 mL tubes, 96-well plates, etc…

Modular Approach – One Device for Multiple Parameters

The combination of a universal lateral flow device allows the simple, simultaneous analysis of a matrix with a view to sometimes very different parameters. Several analyses can be performed in parallel. The processing, as well as the universal evaluation platform Milenia HybriDetect act as a constant component in such a system. This approach is very simple, but can help to answer quite complex questions in a real POC setting. It can also be used to answer more extensive analytical questions. This modular assay design is easily modifiable and can therefore be used individually. The basic character of the universal test strips, which can be combined with many methods, can also make an important contribution to individualizable, molecular, field-applicable diagnostics in the future.

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Overview most frequently used DNA-/ RNA dependent detection startegies combined with Milenia HybriDetect
Overview most frequently used DNA-/ RNA dependent detection startegies combined with Milenia HybriDetect

Milenia HybriDetect and Diagnostic Niches

In several thematic fields, there are diagnostic questions that occur comparatively rarely. The value of this information seems to be irrelevant for the overwhelming majority of potential users. But this information can be very important for the individual. A company engaged in diagnostic test development needs to ask itself some questions very early on to assess whether it makes sense to initiate test development. To what extent do cost and effort justify the final benefit? Consequently, developments for these diagnostic niche parameters are often not even initiated, because it is simply not worth it.

Due to its simplicity, universal character and compatibility with a wide range of methods the Milenia HybriDetect platform has the potential to allow recalculation. The independence from complex equipment & the usability in a POC setting plays an essential role. Development costs can be reduced. The simplicity of the analysis can reach more interested parties. The modular & universal character together with the usability in a POC setting can also help to work on diagnostic niches.

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Milenia HybriDetect – Component of Diagnostic Kits / OEM

Our test strips, which are well suited for molecular, field-applicable assays, have become very popular in the academic sector. Universities and renowned research institutes use the test strips to present innovative techniques (in point of care scenarios). Impressive ideas are emerging, such as the lateral flow device in a face mask for simple and highly sensitive detection of SARS-CoV-2. More than 230 scientific publications are currently citing the Milenia HybriDetect.

Based on this popularity, we are receiving more and more requests from startups, as well as established diagnostic companies. The reason is clear. The pandemic has taught us alot about the significance of a new generation of molecular diagnostics, that can work decoupled from specialized laboratories. There has been a shift in the population’s perception and acceptance of at-home self-diagnostics. Taken together, these points emphasize the potential of molecular, point-of-need diagnostics. Milenia Biotec GmbH is happy to cooperate academic institutes, startups and other companies. Moreover, we try to support with our experience and know-how. Therefore, we do our best to provide the Milenia HybriDetect as development tool and as an essential component in commercial, diagnostic kits.

Large order quantities, OEM constellations and special modifications are possible. We are looking forward to your ideas! Please contact us if you are interested.