Fasciola hepatica - IgG ELISA

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12 x 8 strips (96 tests)

Fasciolosis is one of the most frequently encountered autochthonous helminthic infections in Central Europe. The immunodiagnosis of Fasciola hepatica infections is challenged by high serological cross-reacitivity with other (hepatic) parasitological infections encountered in Central Europe, such as alveolar echinococcosis, toxocarosis and ascariosis, but also other parasitic infections acquired during overseas travel. The SAP-2 recombinant antigen shows a high specificity, especially with patients with other parasitic infections. It is a suitable serological test for routine diagnosis of human fasciolosis, particularly if the results are supported by clinical history.

This product is manufactured by Bordier Affinity Products in Switzerland and distributed in Germany exclusively by Milenia Biotec.