Milenia Biotec GmbH, Versailler Straße 1, 35394 Gießen, Germany.

Purchase Order

By placing an order, the customer acknowl­edges these general terms and condi­tions of sale. Deviating agree­ments require our written confir­mation.


All prices are exclusive of vat. They are subject to change and apply to domestic and inter­na­tional require­ments. The calcu­lation is always made at the prices valid on the day of delivery.


Diagnostics are delivered exclu­sively in original packaging. All shipments travel at the expense and risk of the buyer. For each delivery – with the exception of sample shipments – we charge a basic fee for packaging and shipping. We assume no respon­si­bility for breakage and conse­quences and reject claims for compen­sation. We assume no respon­si­bility for breakage and ist conse­quences, we reject claims for compen­sation. In the event of justified complaints of any kind relating to our deliv­eries, we reserve the right to regulate the resulting claim by deliv­ering non-​​defective replacement goods or by crediting. Further claims of the buyer, in particular claims for damages due to non-​​delivery or non-​​timely delivery as well as for any other factual or legal reason, are excluded to the extent permitted by law.


Our invoices for diagnostics (reagents) are payable within 8 days with a 1.5% discount or within 14 days net. Our invoices for devices are payable within 14 days net. If deadlines are exceeded, default interest is charged at 2% above the official base rate. Payments are offset first on the costs incurred, then on the interest and with the surplus on the oldest invoices.
A payment shall not count as payment until the amount is available.
Non-​​compliance with the terms of payment entitles us to discon­tinue delivery.

Reser­vation of Propri­etary

The goods delivered by us remain our property until the complete payment of a current account balance, which arises approx­i­mately at the expense of the buyer; all financial state­ments are therefore considered to be a financial state­ments. The buyer is only entitled to sell the goods supplied by us, which are our property, within the scope of a proper course of business. In the event of a resale before payment of the remaining purchase price, the claims arising from it to our buyers shall pass to us without further ado. The buyer assigns these claims to us already now. If the value of the subse­quent security exceeds our outstanding delivery claims by more than 20%, we shall be obliged to retransmit in this respect. We must be informed immedi­ately of any attachment or other seizure of the goods by third parties. If we exercise our right to take back the goods on the basis of our property, there is only a withdrawal from the contract if it is a written decla­ration.


Our diagnostics may only be offered, sold or dispensed in the original packaging and not in partial quantities.

Withdrawal of our products

Exchange or withdrawal of diagnostics is excluded.

Place of Perfor­mance and place of Juris­diction

Place of perfor­mance is Gießen, Germany. The place of juris­diction, for bills of exchange and cheque is Gießen.



Status: 11.2019