Milenia HybriDetect – Nucleic Acid Ampli­fi­cation and Lateral Flow

Part II – The 5 Most Relevant Ampli­fi­cation Methods

I have been working on universal lateral flow devices (especially nucleic acid ampli­fi­cation and lateral flow) for more than eight years. Since then, I try to get an overview of the variety of appli­ca­tions, test them and make them more acces­sible for simple and rapid lateral flow readout. After all these years, experi­ences and, of course, failures, the enthu­siasm for this appar­ently simple platform is still unbroken. There are no limits for individual creativity, because there is so much charme in the simplicity of the lateral flow technology. There are countless ways to think up, modify and optimize the test strips and the associated methods. For me personally, Nucleic Acid Lateral Flow Immunoassays (NALFIAs) are the ultimate playground for creativity. And finally, innov­ative test systems with excellent precision and sensi­tivity can be created. The following article is intended to describe an important part of the “lateral flow-​​world”: the combi­nation of nucleic acid ampli­fi­cation and lateral flow. read more…

Milenia HybriDetect – A Universal Lateral Flow Devel­opment Platform

Part I – Lateral Flow Basics, Compo­sition and Detection Strategies

Molecular detection methods in particular are indis­pensable in any diagnostic laboratory. At the same time, rapid test formats are moving into the focus of public awareness. Due to their simplicity, these rapid tests can be used as a point of need tool. The following article focuses on one of the most exciting topics in diagnostics today. It is about the connection of complex molecular biological detection techniques combined with the simplicity of universal lateral flow assays. The Milenia HybriDetect is a universal platform which allows individual and innov­ative Lateral Flow devel­opment. The first part of this series of articles deals with the most important basics: What is Lateral Flow? What is the Milenia HybriDetect and how is it possible to detect anything with it? read more…

Protein and Antibody Purifi­cation: Detection via Milenias Rapid Test Protein­Detect

The fast and easy Dotblot alter­native

Our new tool for researchers, called Protein­Detect, has two main features: First Protein­Detect allows you to verify if your protein of interest is present in a random sample. Second you can use it vice versa and check if your antibody is specific against a know antigen. All within 10 minutes!       read more…

Covid Mutation Test with CRISPR and HybriDetect

Rapid and simple identi­fi­cation of Covid mutants by a combi­nation of a CRISPR based method with the lateral flow dipstick Milenia HybriDetect

At the end of 2019 the first infec­tions of the coron­avirus (SARS-​​CoV-​​2) in humans have been identified in Wuhan, China. Since then the covid 19 outbreak has been distributed over the entire world with millions of people infected and a lot of reported deaths. read more…

Plant Pathogens – Rapid Detection with a universal Lateral Flow Device

Lateral Flow meets Plant Pathology

Plant Pathogens Lateral Flow
We at Milenia Biotec care about simple rapid test devel­opment. Never­theless, some of our colleagues origi­nally come from plant research. That’s why we are partic­u­larly pleased when our heart-​​to-​​heart issue, lateral flow assays, meets the old love “Plant Science, Plant Pathology or Plant Health”. For this reason, we are adressing a topic with global signif­i­cance — the detection of plant pathogens. First of all, the focus should be on two inter­esting open access papers describing the combi­nation of different isothermal DNA-​​amplification techniques combined with a rapid and simple lateral flow readout. Both publi­ca­tions adress the same topic – the devel­opment of a poten­tially field applicable detection system for one the most destructive plant pathogens worldwide. read more…

Lateral Flow Test and Devel­opment Blog – The Top Three Articles in 2020

The year 2020 was the first full year of blogging on our company blog, called the “Lateral Flow Test and Devel­opment Blog”. We made it to publish new articles on a regular basis and we received a lot of valuable comments on the published content from our customers and readers. On this occasion we wanted to thank you all who have contributed to the discus­sions. We were very keen to find out which publi­ca­tions on the blog were the most frequently read articles in 2020. Here are our top 3: read more…

Loop mediated isothermal Ampli­fi­cation and Lateral Flow

Tips and Tricks for a successful Assay Devel­opment

Isothermal Ampli­fi­cation of Nucleic Acids — A Brief Intro­duction Isothermal ampli­fi­cation techniques have developed massively over the past decade. Point-​​of-​​Care (POC) appli­ca­tions in particular benefit from the advan­tages of these methods. As the name suggests, DNA synthesis takes place at constant temper­ature if isothermal ampli­fi­cation methods are applied. As a result, complex and expensive equipment such as thermal cyclers are not necessary for isothermal ampli­fi­cation reactions. A simple incubator, heating block, water bath, suit vide cooker, the armpit or the closed hand are suffi­cient to carry out the ampli­fi­cation reaction. read more…

Lateral Flow Test Devel­opment for COVID-​​19 based on Nucleic Acid Detection

Amplicon detection via the lateral flow test Milenia “HybriDetect”

Recently Milenia Biotec GmbH received several customer inquiries related to COVID-​​19 detection, due to the fact, that HybriDetect may be used for the detection of RPA, LAMP or PCR amplicons. Following up these inquiries, we did a liter­ature search on the SHERLOCK (Specific High Sensi­tivity Enzymatic Reporter UnLOCKing) technique, which is a powerful tool to detect genetic infor­mation coming from viruses using CRISPR. read more…

Feluda Test – A new rapid test method for the identi­fi­cation of SARS-​​CoV-​​2

CRISPR-​​test gets approval in India

Just recently, the TATA Group received approval for the commercial launch of “Feluda” (acronym for FNCas9 Editor Limited Uniform Detection Assay) by the Drugs Controller Gerneral of India. What is Feluda? The Feluda test is the first CRISPR/​Cas9 (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) rapid test available for COVID-​​19 detection. With this new qPCR independent point-​​of-​​care diagnostic approach, the genomic sequence of SARS-​​CoV-​​2 can be detected by Milenias lateral flow assay HybriDetect. read more…

How to overcome conta­m­i­nation in DNA ampli­fi­cation based Lateral Flow Assays

Conta­m­i­nation can happen, no matter what type of ampli­fi­cation method used: LAMP, RPA or PCR

Milenias HybriDetect is a ready-​​to-​​use, universal dipstick based on the lateral flow technology for the detection of various molecules. It is mainly used for the detection of amplicons, generated by LAMP, RPA or PCR by our customers. As in standard PCR exper­i­ments, which are analyzed by gel electrophoresis or qPCR exper­i­ments, cross-​​contamination is a problem our customers are faced with. Therefore we want to give some infor­mation and advice to help you avoid conta­m­i­na­tions in RPA, LAMP or PCR assays combined with our Lateral Flow tests HybriDetect and HybriDetect 2T. read more…