Detection of spoilage
organisms in beer and juice
by a combination
of PCR and Lateral Flow

Beer and juice prove a difficult medium for microorganisms to thrive in and grow due to the low pH. Juice is usually pasteurized and the content of alcohol, carbon dioxide and bitter acids from the hops present additional growth barriers for microorganisms in beer.

Nevertheless, some microorganisms have adapted to these inhospitable environments and are even capable of thriving in such a setting. Unfortunately, this microorganism growth has the potential to spoil the beverages, thus altering the taste and consequently causing off-flavours.

For this reason manufacturers quality check the beverages and its raw materials by testing for the presence of spoiling organisms at regular intervals throughout the entire production cycle. The Milenia GenLine product line includes rapid, simple and reliable test systems for the molecular biology detection of beer and juice spoiling organisms.

Milenia GenLine is a simple to handle test for the sensitive
and specific detection of spoiling organisms in beer and juice

Conclusions from the Literature and Studies
Milenia GenLine Hop Resistance Screen has shown
a 100% match when compared to RT-PCR.

Milenia GemLine is capable to directly detect Megasphaera/Pectinatus from swabs taken from the filling machine.Milenia GenLine allows the identification of Alicyclobacillus acidoterrestris and all Alicyclobacilli capable of Guajacol formation on the same test strip.

8 important reasons why you should use Milenia GenLine

Speed: Results in approximately 1 hour

Sensitivity: Detection of less than 5 cells in the sample; Good correlation to RT-PCR and Culture

Easy to Use: Ready to use Reagents; Few Pipetting Steps; Lateral Flow Test Format

Direct application of the sample: No DNA preparation needed

Controls: Positive and Negative Controls included in the kit

Internal PCR-Control

No interference with other microorganisms, including yeasts

Kits always in inventory: Same Day Delivery

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