This test discovers beer germs in a timely and precise manner

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This test discovers beer germs in a timely and precise manner

Range/​Assay Sensivity
104 — 105 cfu/​mL
Test Principle

The techno­logical basis for the GenLine tests  is the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) combined with lateral flow tests.

Labelled specific primers are used to amplify specific DNA fragments. In addition to the target gene, a control gene, which is also present in the PCR mixes, is amplified in order to make sure that the PCR process works properly.

The resulting PCR products carry the labels of the incor­po­rated primers.

In a second part of the test, the created PCR products are detected by a lateral flow Test Strip.  A “molecular sandwich” is formed and becomes visible as a line on the test Strip.

Brief Instruc­tions
  1. The PCR reagents and the samples are prepared.
  2. After the addition of the sample to the PCR reagents, the PCR is started.
  3. The resulting PCR products are detected by a simple lateral flow test

15 to –20°C
PCR-​​Polymerase Master-​​Mix, PCR-​​Primermix, Positive Kit-​​Control, PCR-​​Water

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