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Milenia HybriDetect New Citation Record! Citation List Update
HybriDetect joined the world of science in 2006 with the paper “DNA Detection Using Recombination Proteins” by Piepenburg et al.,…
Milenia HybriDetect – Types of Use & Fields of Application
The third and last part of the blog article series „Milenia HybriDetect Basics“ tries to highlight two main aspects. The…
Milenia HybriDetect Lateral Flow Assay Kit
Milenia HybriDetect – A Potential Tool in Diagnostic Kits – 3 Relevant Aspects
The test strips of the Milenia HybriDetect product group are easy-to-use universal lateral flow devices, that can be implemented in…
Tuberculosis – A New Generation of Rapid TB Diagnostics is Urgently Needed
Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the most important infectious diseases and thus a topic of global importance. A significant reduction…
Multiplex Applications & Lateral Flow
The combination of nucleic acid analysis and lateral flow technology is without a doubt an important tool for current and…
Milenia HybriDetect – Nucleic Acid Amplification and Lateral Flow
I have been working on universal lateral flow devices (especially nucleic acid amplification and lateral flow) for more than eight…