COVID-​​19 testing with STOPCovid and HybriDetect

Improved SHERLOCK method for point-​​of-​​Care use

Since the outbreak of COVID-​​19 at the end of 2019 several tests for SARS-​​CoV-​​2 detection have been developed and approved. But most of them show several disad­van­tages:

  1. Expensive laboratory equipment is needed
  2. High level technical expertise is required
  3. Access to reagents is difficult
  4. Expensive

Due to these reasons, several groups are working on alter­native tests for the quick, easy and low cost detection of SARS-​​CoV-​​2 with very little equipment needed.


Improving the sensi­tivity of the HybriDetect 2T

How to use block oligos for better results

Detecting various PCR amplifi­cates with HybriDetect 2T

The ampli­fi­cation of nucleic acids has become an important tool for various areas such as medical diagnostics, food safety and research over the past decades. A quick and easy way to get a visible result of the ampli­fi­cation is to evaluate the ampli­fi­cation product using the HybriDetect 2T strip, a lateral flow evalu­ation strip.


Lateral Flow based post-​​transplantation Monitoring

CRISPR-​​based diagnosis of infection and rejection with the HybriDetect

HybriDetect helps diagnose viral infec­tions and post-​​transplantation Monitoring with SHERLOCK

Kaminski et al. developed a fast and easy test to detect causes of graft loss in blood and urine samples from post-​​transplant patients after kidney trans­plan­tation.

The need for a new method to detect organ rejec­tions is highly given, because current invasive methods can take several days and are connected with high costs. The loss of time can lead to an increased risk for patients after trans­plan­tation.