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Milenia HybriDetect Lateral Flow Assay Kit
Milenia HybriDetect – A Potential Tool in Diagnostic Kits – 3 Relevant Aspects
The test strips of the Milenia HybriDetect product group are easy-to-use universal lateral flow devices, that can be implemented in…
Ein einfacher HIT Schnelltest – Milenia QuickLine HIT
Eine schnelle, einfache und dennoch präzise Erkennung einer Heparin induzierten Thrombozytopenie (HIT) kann für betroffene Patienten entscheidend sein. Dieser Artikel…
Milenia HybriDetect – Nucleic Acid Amplification and Lateral Flow
I have been working on universal lateral flow devices (especially nucleic acid amplification and lateral flow) for more than eight…
Milenia HybriDetect – A Universal Lateral Flow Development Platform
Molecular detection methods in particular are indispensable in any diagnostic laboratory. At the same time, rapid test formats are moving…
Lateral Flow Test and Development Blog – The Top Three Articles in 2020
The year 2020 was the first full year of blogging on our company blog, called the “Lateral Flow Test and…
Is it possible to develop a COVID-19 rapid test via the lateral flow test “Milenia HybriDetect”?
Recently Milenia Biotec GmbH received several customer inquiries related to the development of a COVID-19 rapid test, due to the…