A chemical-enhanced system for CRISPR-Based nucleic acid detection

Authors: Li, Z., Zhao, W., Ma, S., Li, Z., Yao, Y., & Fei, T.
Year: 2021
Tags: CRISPR, Infectious Diseases, Pathogen Detection, SARS-CoV-2, Virus Detection

A CRISPR-based assay for the detection of opportunistic infections post-transplantation and for the monitoring of transplant rejection.

Authors: Kaminski M., Alcantar M., Lape I.,
Year: 2020
Tags: CRISPR, Infectious Diseases, RPA

A CRISPR-based lateral flow assay for plant genotyping and pathogen diagnostics

Authors: Sánchez, E., Ali, Z., Islam, T., Mahfouz, M., & Mahfouz, M. M.
Year: 2022
Tags: CRISPR, Species Detection

A CRISPR-Cas12a-based diagnostic method for multiple genotypes of severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome virus

Authors: Ju, B., P., Rae, J., Y., Heo, S. T., Kim, M., Lee, K. H., & Songid, Y.-J.
Year: 2022
Tags: CRISPR, Infectious Diseases, RPA, Virus Detection

A Fast and Simple DNA Mini-barcoding and RPA Assay Coupled with Lateral Flow Assay for Fresh and Canned Mackerel Authentication

Authors: Frigerio, J., Gorini, T., Palumbo, C., de Mattia, F., Labra, M., & Mezzasalma, V.
Year: 2022
Tags: RPA, Species Detection, Veterinary

A field-deployable method for single and multiplex detection of DNA or RNA from pathogens using Cas12 and Cas13

Authors: Li, L., Duan, C., Weng, J., Qi, X., Liu, C., Li, X., Zhu, J., & Xie, C.
Year: 2021
Tags: CRISPR, Pathogen Detection, Species Detection, Virus Detection